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What It Is

wmclock is an applet which displays the date and time in a dockable tile in the same style as the clock from the NEXTSTEP(tm) operating system. wmclock is specially designed for the Window Maker window manager, by Alfredo Kojima, and features multiple language support, twenty-four-hour and twelve-hour (am/pm) time display, and, optionally, can run a user-specified program on a mouse click. wmclock is derived from ASClock (now called ASClock classic), a similar clock for the AfterStep window manager.

Why Another Dockable Clock?

Some of the original Window Maker RPM packages included with Red Hat Linux included a program called wmclock; unfortunately, it was really only ASClock with a different name. Upgrading to newer RPM packages of Window Maker often made wmclock go away, leading to both frustration and confusion for many folks. When Thomas Ribbrock and i were building the semi-official Window Maker RPM packages, we decided that an improved version of wmclock was necessary to replace the rather sloppy one in the Red Hat RPMs.

Some of the improvements in wmclock include:

Where To Get It

wmclock is available right here:

The following RPM packages are available as well [Red Hat Linux 5.2, glibc-2.0.7, rpm-3.0.3]:

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